POLICE are investigating after a man was filmed approaching two young teenage girls in a shopping centre, before talking about alcohol and asking for "hugs".

Ashleigh Privett, 13, and her friend Grace Butcher were approached by the man on Saturday afternoon in Fareham's Osborn Mall.

Speaking to the girls he engaged them in conversation and asked if they would be his friend.

He then changed the topic to alcohol, asking the two girls: "Whisky? Vodka?"

But Ashleigh and her friend declined, replying that they did not drink.

One of the girls filmed the conversation - before going to the shopping centre's security guard, who took the girls to the police station.

Ashleigh's mum Kelly, who told the Daily Echo she is happy for her daughter to be named, posted a warning to other parents on social media - and it's now been shared more than 9,000 times. 

She said: "Warning to everyone with kids who go into Fareham, this man approached Ashleigh and her friend today and kept asking them for hugs asking them to be "friends" and go and have alcohol with him.

"Luckily at 13 they had the sense to go to security who took them to the police station."

And she added: "So very proud of Ashleigh and Grace for how they stayed safe today in a very scary situation. Thanks to everyone who has shared my video."

Police confirmed they are investigating.

A spokesperson said: "We received a report of a man approaching two teenage girls between 2.40pm and 2.50pm on 3 March at Osborn Mall in Fareham.

"Anyone with information about this incident should call 101 quoting 44180081718."