A fly-tipper has been jailed for eight months after committing multiple offences across Hampshire.

Matthew Hunt, 32, of St Boniface Court, North Baddesley had committed offences across the county including emptying a tipper truck while driving along Packridge Lane near North Baddesley.

A court heard how Hunt was seen driving along Packridge Lane with a truck full of doors, plastic tubs and garden waste in June, when, while still moving, he decided to raise the back of the truck, tipping the waste all along the road.

Despite multiple requests from Test Valley Borough council officers, Mr Hunt never responded to requests for interview.

At Southampton Magistrates Court last week, Hunt admitted the offence after an investigation by the council.

As well as offences in Test Valley, Mr Hunt was also sentenced for his part in two separate fly-tips in Bartley just two days after dumping the waste along Packridge Lane.

Then, on July 5, he threatened a member of the public with a crowbar while fly-tipping in Brook.

He was also prosecuted for an offence in Southampton.

Mr Hunt was given an overall sentence of eight months by District Judge Calloway.

Environmental portfolio holder, councillor Alison Johnston, said: “The disregard that Mr Hunt has shown to his surroundings is, quite frankly, staggering.

"What is one of the most attractive and popular countryside in south east England has instead been treated like a personal dumping ground, and I’m very pleased that this has resulted in a custodial sentence.

“To empty a truck full of waste while still driving is absolutely incomprehensible and my thanks go to Hampshire Constabulary as well as the hard work of the neighbouring authorities in Southampton and the New Forest.

"This is a strong result and adds to our work cracking down on fly-tippers. The message is simple and easy to remember; we do not tolerate fly-tipping and will investigate every single case reported to us."