What pleasure is there in going to Hollybrook Cemetery now?

My sons and myself went to my husband and grandfather’s grave.

One of my sons went early morning and told me it was a disgrace.

He could not see the grave as the grass was two and a half to three feet high.

He did his best to make it look better.

My other son took me later in the morning but we could not get to it as it was too dangerous for me to go along their as the graves are sunk into the ground and you have to walk sideways to get their.

It’s a trip hazard.

Health and safety would have a field day if they were interested.

We met two people coming up the path and they were upset as well.

This problem was the same last year.

This area seems to be the last to be seen to.

It is very upsetting.

I’ve just read your paper and I agree with everything said.

My son has many pictures that he took, plus last year as well.

Please help us to reach the ones we loved and still do.


Endeavour Close, Shirley