I WAS pleased to read that the new Highway Code is now to make walking and cycling a priority form of transport. This will hopefully guide Southampton City Council in how to design new road layouts in the future.

This is long overdue. It’s been known for years that motor powered vehicles in the wrong hands are in effect dangerous weapons. Not to mention the dangerous greenhouse gases they create.

After years of campaigning by Green groups the council finally installed cycling lanes helping to make cleaner air and safer transport. Strangely we have got a Tory Council in Southampton who seem to be doing the opposite. They have got rid of some bicycle and bus lanes making Southampton a more dangerous place to travel in.

The local Tories have not explained where the additional money has come from to remove the cycle lanes, which will no doubt have to be reinstated at sometime in the future. In the words of the prime minster the local Tories have spaffed money up the wall. What a waste of our money.

Ron Meldrum