FOR numerous years there has been many a letter published in the Echo imploring the authorities to provide a proper central bus station [in Southampton].

I have found myself in agreement with those proposals.

However, I don’t recall ever reading a response from said authority that explains why this isn’t a good idea.

I can imagine there may be plenty of good reasons why this project could be thought impractical, so could someone, somewhere provide the explanation as to why?

In the meantime,the oft repeated ‘visionary plan’ is trotted out whenever a substantial area of land becomes available.

I needn’t list the same old ingredients, this time applied to the former Toys R Us site.

Surely this is the now-or-never opportunity to build what would be a user friendly transport hub useful to city dwellers and visitors alike?

For a start,it is immediately opposite the main railway station.

How perfect is that?

Already in existence on site is the coach station.

Just think how its all round facilities would be improved if it was interconnected with a purpose built bus station.

Imagine, proper waiting rooms with 24hr toilet facilities and light dining provision – think motorway service stations.

It strikes me that when we warmly welcome visitors, our smile embarrassingly reveals our two front teeth to be missing!

In other words, “Wot, No Tourist Information Centre?!”

This would be the ideal home for such a service, overseen by motivated knowledgeable staff able to answer questions, offer advice, book tours, maybe even help customers to buy tickets for various attractions.

One bus stop away, and you are at the ferry terminals.

How about a free shuttle bus service for foot passengers? This bus could also do a limited stop circuit of the city.

As things are, buses are parked up on various roads and some are in poorly lit situations.

Perhaps the negative is that the site would be overwhelmed by demand and congestion.

That said, in terms of bus movement, the road that dissects the railway station and the site could be for the exclusive use of buses only.

Left turn,and only the buses servicing destinations in that direction would be in play, and then they join in with the general road system as is.

Maybe my proposed development is the only way that connectivity between public transport services can truly be achieved.

I’m fine with being contradicted, if only someone in authority would explain why.

J Martin