Your Page 2 report “MPs divided on cuts to emergency workers” reports Mr Whitehead blaming staff cuts on successive Conservative Governments, whilst Mr Smith sees a more efficient use of technology as the cause.

I believe the responsibility for our current over-stretched, underfunded, understaffed emergency services, rests firmly with the policies pursued by governments from Cameron through to Johnson, and continuing. Though previous Labour Governments have cemented privatised and charitable dependencies onto our public services through outsourcing, blaming them for the here-and-now has long been exhausted.

For Mr Smith as reported to say: “People will have seen the increases in the number of police officers, doctors, nurses, and GPs.” makes me wonder what world he is looking at. For a starter there is still no actual workforce plan within the NHS to properly address current shortages of nurses, consultants and retiring GPs. We now have painfully long waiting lists, increasingly remote face to face GP contact, botched Covid variant outbreaks responses and other ills with us well into our immediate future.

The responsibility for this lies squarely with present and previous Tory Governments of which he has been part, and blindly supportive.