A university professor is swapping lectures for laughs as he brings his AI comedy show to Totton.

Leslie Carr, professor of Web Science at the University of Southampton, will be exploring the human side of all things AI – from Alexa and Roombas to ChatGPT.

The 59-year-old will be joined by his daughter Ruby Carr, a comedy writer, as they unpack AI to guests at The Attic.

Described as a ‘Carr Crash’ show, it’s for people interested in science – and those ‘worried about the robot apocalypse.’

Leslie said: “It’s all about the rise in AI. People can expect a fun hour laughing about technology and AI and learning about it so they won’t worry.

“There’s been all sorts of interest in it as the technology becomes very apparent, with people worried about if AI, like ChatGPT, is going to take over their job.

“It’s amazing technology but it’s also quite frightening.

“Is it going to be bad for us, or good for us?

“My job as a comedian is to have some fun and make people laugh as we talk about it.”

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The father-daughter duo wrote the show with the intention of performing it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2020.

But the Covid-19 pandemic meant it was put on hold, so both are excited to bring it to life – and in the town where Leslie was born.

He said: “I am incredibly excited to perform at The Attic.

“One of the best things about being a professor (and a comedian) is getting to talk to people and young people about technology.

“A lot of what I discuss is how you make it, and how you then make it work.

“We are increasingly interested in the human side of AI. People, especially journalists, are thinking how it will benefit them not just to do their job but inspire them.

“But we also talk about where it goes wrong and how.”

He said: “People are really interested and really enjoy the show.

“It’s a good laugh but it’s really relevant as these are the things people are thinking about.

“We also talk about the history of AI.”

Leslie and Ruby will bring their stand-up show to The Attic on September 8 at 8pm.

Tickets can be purchased from The Attic website.