BY any stretch of the imagination it was literally a tall order.

Hampshire YouTube star James Bruton has attempted to soar into the record books with the world’s largest 3D print sculpture.

The 41-year-old from Southampton took over Winchester Discovery Centre with his 12ft sculpture of himself.

James’s 50kg effort cast an impressive shadow across the auditorium, as onlookers marvelled at the colossal 3D creation.

The current world record for the largest 3D printed sculpture of a human is 3.06m, James claims his creation is over half a meter taller at 3.62m.

However, it will take 12 weeks for Guinness to rule whether James is the new record holder.

They had the statue closely examined by a quantity surveyor, and two independent witnesses at the public event.

The adjudicators have to make sure that the structure is free standing, self supporting, and only made of 3D printed materials.

To support his record breaking claim, James filmed and documented the entire construction process, which will be released as a series of shorts on his YouTube channel this December.

The giant statue took over 500 hours (two to three months) to complete, and is constructed from more than a dozen interlocking plastic sections created using two 3D printers.

James, who has 350,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, said: “It’s not that odd, It’s been in my house now for nearly two months now.

“I decided to print myself to avoid any potential copyright issues.”

He added: “I thought it would be fun to try and do a world record attempt and settled on the biggest humanoid statue because it was the most manageable, some of the other 3D printing world records are insane.”

A former Birmingham University student James said that the whole process was very exciting and that he is “addicted to doing world records”.

“I might try to make the worlds biggest skateboard next,” he said. “No one else has tried it.”