We are very disappointed that the reports about the resurfacing of Bassett Avenue do not mention cycling or buses, just “gridlock” and “accessing the city at alternative junctions”.

We believe that this is a wasted opportunity for encouraging cyclists and for encouraging bus use.

Instead of predicting “disruption” and urging vehicle drivers to “allow extra time”, buses could be allowed to continue on this route (rather than a longer, more time-consuming route which is more likely to put people off using buses), with a cheaper ticket offer while the works are on.

Instead of “cyclists will be asked to dismount where temporary footway is provided around work on the pavement”, cyclists could be given a safer route down the shared-use pavements, using part of the road when the shared-use pavement is being worked on.

Have we learnt nothing from mistakes of the past? Do we want to sit in traffic, with even more idling engines, unnecessarily pumping out more pollution?

How about learning from The Netherlands and Leicester and many other places, making decisions that encourage cyclists and bus use and cleaner air for us all to breathe? A lost opportunity, and a massive increase in poor air quality. Come on Southampton, think CLEAN AIR, think BIKE, think BUSES, NOT “gridlock”.

Lyn Brayshaw

On behalf of So’ton Cycling Campaign