LAST Friday's Echo sadly had a report of an attempt to set fire, (commit arson,) at Lordshill library.

That in itself must have been terrifying for the staff there, but the event appears to reflect how lawless the area is becoming.

We have the 'off road' bikers regularly riding up and down the main road here, even going along on their rear wheel!

The grass in the park off Aldermoor Road is in a dreadful state where the bikers are currently frequenting.

Surely parents and neighbours must know who these desperately anti-social individuals are?

In the area someone regularly sprinkles broken glass on pavements causing issues for mobility scooters/push chairs/young children/dogs etc...

Fencing in the area is frequently damaged, fly-tipping n the wood next to the park is appalling along with abandoned Sainsbury's trolleys in various locations.

Yesterday I saw another burnt-out motorbike by Tanner's Brook underpass. I have lost count of how many there has been over the past year.

The allotment site off Aldermoor Road is frequently 'invaded' by youths which have on occasion threatened persons on site who have challenged their presence.

Five times in the past fortnight bolt cutters have been used to remove padlocks. Last summer bank holiday over 30 sheds were broken into.

Despite reporting, one is told nothing can be done!

A year ago I had my number plates stolen and on reporting this I was informed that such a crime is no longer investigated or bothered with, but recorded and a crime number issued.

On reporting incidents it seems nothing will or can be done due to a complete lack of staff. I have lived in this area for two years and never seen anyone in a uniform walking about.

The 'Lawless in Lords Hill' seem to be have given free reign to do what ever they like, which would appear to include attempted arson and that, surely, is a major serious crime.

W Wearn