POLICE have issued a warning after a suspected high-tech device was used to break into vehicles in Hampshire.

Officers believe a 'signal booster' was used to get into the cars, allowing the user to steal valuables inside.

According to police, the device acts as a booster to the electronic signal produced by keys to unlock a car.

PCSO Aaron Perry said: “The device acts as a signal booster and unlocks the car like normal.

“Keep your keys as far away from your car as possible, or place them inside of a metal tin or a fridge which stops the signals emitting from the keys.

“Never leave valuable items in your car.”

Police have issued the warning after two cars were broken into in Christchurch Road in Winchester.

The vehicles were broken into just before 9pm on Thursday, January 25.

A Samsung tablet, GoPro camera and designer sunglasses were stolen.

The owner of one of the vehicle noticed the items had gone about an hour later.

There was no sign of forced entry or damage, and the car was still locked.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting the reference: 44180033120.