WINCHESTER’S last city centre butcher has also joined the Daily Echo’s Buy Local campaign.

The independent Charles Baynham store in High Street tries to outflank big-name competitors by offering unusual products and spending more preparation time on its meat.

The store leaves its chops and steaks to hang for up to three weeks so that they are in prime condition once on the counter.

Along with faggots and sausages, the shop also runs a sideline in produce from southern Africa.

Mr Baynham came to Britain in the mid-1970s after growing up in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia.

His store sells a range of tinned goods and chocolate bars from southern Africa, along with speciality meats.

They include boerewors, a South African sausage, and biltong, which is like beef jerky.

Mr Baynham opened his first store in Chandler’s Ford in the 1970s, and the Winchester branch followed around six years ago.

Relief manager Gary Smith, said: “It’s very important that people use their local shops, otherwise the supermarkets just come in and take