A HAMPSHIRE school at the centre of a damning report about how a girl was sexually abused by fellow pupils as spoken of its deep regret.

IN a statement, Stanbridge Earls said that it strives to deliver the highest possible standards in education, support and care for its pupils.

A spokesman said: “(Stanbridge Earls) is a specialist establishment which works to address the many and varied needs of those pupils – something recognised by Ofsted in its inspection report as recently as May 2012, when it concluded that the school was ‘outstanding’ in all key respects.

“We specialise in catering for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia – though some of our pupils may have additional special needs. It was for failing to take account of the pupil’s additional needs that we have been found wanting in this case – something we deeply regret.

“This was an unusual and complicated case, which was the first of its kind ever experienced here and is not representative of the way the school normally meets the needs of its pupils.

“We are determined to learn any broader lessons so that our standards of safeguarding are exemplary and continue to inspire confidence.

“We are contacting Ofsted, local authorities and the Department of Education to say that we want to work with them urgently and constructively to meet this objective as soon as possible.

“In the wake of the tribunal’s findings, our chief concern is to apologise to the girl concerned. We are writing to her personally to do just that.”