A GROUP of University of Southampton academics have been awarded national teaching fellowships in recognition of “excellence” in their work.

Professor David Read’s accolade was awarded for his work bringing chemistry to life, making it accessible to students with technology and for introducing ‘flipped’ teaching – reversing the typical lecture and homework elements of a course.

Dr Judith Holloway was recognised for her work with allergies and as a registered mental health nurse, while lecturer James Wilson pioneered a range of interactive theatre teaching techniques.

Mr Wilson said: “Receiving a national teaching fellowship is an extremely distinguished honour.

“I’m acutely aware that while this is an individual award, you never innovate alone; it’s something you achieve with key experts in the field to hopefully provide some engaging and inspiring teaching and learning experiences.”

Professor Read said: “It’s an immense honour. Many of the people who have inspired me in the chemical education field are national teaching fellows themselves so to become one and, hopefully, to be able to inspire other people to pursue that goal in the future is a fantastic privilege.”

The titles will be kept by the recipients for the rest of their academic careers.

Professor Simon Kemp, leader of Southampton’s national teaching fellowship programme, said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled for our three newest fellows.”