HE'S one of the world's hottest artists but he now he has some young competition.

As reported international Hampshire-based graphic artist Kev Munday has been hailed as one of the UK's 'most investable' artists.

Now he has turned work by talented youngsters from a Southampton primary school into one of his famous murals and displayed it on a city road.

The new billboard piece is part of Kev's multi-faceted residency at city centre gallery Solent Showcase.

In workshops at Bitterne Manor Primary School year two pupils created colourful monsters based on Kev's own designs.

He then turned them into one of his lively paintings which has now been put on display on Cobbett Road in Bitterne.

Year two teacher Sandy Sangha said: "The workshops were fun and the kids got a lot out of it.

"It was a chance for the children to work with a local artist.

"The school are very proud of the children's achievements and really grateful to Kev's team for this amazing opportunity.

"We took all the children on a walk to see the billboard. It was fantastic! They were really excited seeing it up close and most importantly felt a sense of pride as it was up for all to view."

The children's original pieces are up on show at Solent Showcase and they will be going to visit them later this year.

As reported the work is part of Kev's three month residency at Solent Showcase gallery, which includes a mural inspired by sent-in selfies and a series of collaborative workshops for the public to join in.

He will also be producing a series of vinyl wraps to decorate city centre bins.