A HAMPSHIRE teacher has been banned from the profession after shouting at a vulnerable pupil as he lay sobbing on the ground.

A report published by the Teaching Regulation Agency said the incident at Shamblehurst Primary School in Hedge End left the pupil "visibly scared" and "crying uncontrollably".

Ms Hannah Rhodes, 37, lost her temper after learning that the pupil had urinated in a bush.

Her behaviour towards another boy at Shamblehurst resulted in him becoming miserable and being removed from the school by his parents.

Ms Rhodes resigned from the school in 2019 and has now been banned from teaching indefinitely following a misconduct hearing conducted by the Agency.

Referring to an incident that occurred in October 2018 the report said a colleague discovered Ms Rhodes shouting at a pupil as he lay in a foetal position on the ground.

The report described the boy as vulnerable, adding that her actions were "particularly grave" because a colleague had already dealt with the incident.

Ms Rhodes also shouted at another pupil who was subsequently removed from the school by his parents.

Quoting evidence given by the boy's father the report said the pupil became anxious about going to Shamblehurst and disliked being in the same room as Ms Rhodes.

The report said her behaviour amounted to serious misconduct and fell "significantly short" of the standards expected of the profession.

Ms Rhodes did not attend the hearing and was not represented.

But the report said she admitted the allegations against her and accepted that they amounted to unacceptable professional conduct that might bring the profession into disrepute.

In written evidence to the panel she said she was “more sorry than you can know”. She added that the incidents occurred over a short period of time and described teaching as a "wonderful and fulfilling profession".

The report said Ms Rhodes deeply regretted “any harm I may have caused to the children".

But it added: "The panel were concerned at the use of the word 'may', which suggests Ms Rhodes has failed fully to comprehend the gravity of her actions and the harm she caused.

"Overall, the panel formed the view that the mitigation presented by Ms Rhodes lacked any depth."