POLICE have conducted patrols near to town schools after concerns were raised about drivers' "inconsiderate" parking.

Police in Bishop’s Waltham say concerns have been raised recently about parents and guardians parking their vehicles at the areas two schools.

Now officers are appealing to motorists to consider this when they are parking and to not park on zig-zag lines, near junctions or obstruct driveways and drop down pavements.

This comes after tickets were dished out to people who parked illegally and refused to budge in nearby Fair Oak last year.

PCSO Sarah McCulloch said: “I would like to appeal to you not to park on the zig-zag lines near to the schools. This area needs to be kept clear as it is the busiest entrance to the school and they are there to provide a clear area where children can cross.

“They are also there to allow drivers to see pedestrians. I would also ask you not to obstruct driveways and drop down pavements and be more considerate to local residents.”

Yesterday police also conducted patrols in the area around the schools due to “inconsiderate parking”.

Headteacher of Bishop’s Waltham Junior School, Darren Campbell, said: “I completely echo the guidance from the local police. Child safety is of paramount importance.

“Every school has their issues but we’re just trying to make sure that our children are as safe as they possibly can be and if we can all do our part then that would be great.”