Phil Humphreys - Leadership Award, Oasis Academy Mayfield

As previously reported Phil Humphreys was recently made executive head teacher at two Southampton schools - Oasis Mayfield and Lord's Hill Academies.

But it's his work as head teacher at Mayfield that got him recognised as a true leader.

He was nominated by Juno Hollyhock, who said: "Phil joined Mayfield at a very difficult time. Results were slipping, morale in the school was low and standards of behaviour were wanting.

"This was reflected in a 'requires improvement' Ofsted categorisation a while later.

"When he joined Phil brought a dogged determination to ensure that every student received the education that they deserved and every staff member would be supported and encouraged to make this happen. Harder on himself than anyone else, Phil's leadership was tremendous at this intensely difficult time.

"His inspirational approach opened the eyes of the students to the possibilities around them, way beyond the horizons that they believed they were limited to. His positive attitude and robust approach began to lift pride and aspiration in the school and students started to do up their top buttons, tuck in their shirts and smarten up their approach to learning.

"They also began to improve their attitude towards each other and Mayfield became a place of caring and compassion."