Rhys Fehners - Middle / Secondary Teacher of the Year, Cantell School

Rhys, faculty leader of science and technology at Cantell Shool, and has been in education for 15 years. He was nominated by Claire Herridge and Cantell students, who said: "He is an outstanding colleague who strongly believes all students can achieve. As well as being an outstanding practitioner, Rhys is also the go-to person for support and guidance by staff. His positive relationships with staff and students are at the heart of his pedagogy."

Rhys said: "Having the opportunity to work and engage with young people each day, developing them not only academically but also in their holistic development as a person is the best thing about the job.

"And seeing that moment of clarity and understanding (the 'light bulb' moment) when a student gets an idea or concept and then wants to help those around them to have that same moment in return."