Jack Brown, College / Sixth Form Teacher of the Year, Barton Peveril College

Jack Brown, 31, has been teaching for eight years and even has his own Youtube channel, TLMaths, designed to help students with revision or if they have missed a lesson.

He said: "The best thing about the job is seeing students' improvement throughout the year as they steadily become stronger mathematicians and better independent learners, becoming more and more prepared for what is for many students the next stage in their education: university.

"Teaching is a busy profession, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day, but overall it is a craft. Day by day, we continue to try new things and develop and improve, and colleagues Pauline Steadman, Richard Eno and Andrew Miller have helped me realise this.

"I don't think students realise that teachers are always learning too. No matter what the challenge, having the support of a fantastic department is key."

"My YouTube channel TLMaths was designed to support my students with revision or for those who missed lessons due to illness, and the feedback has been fantastic. Previous students like Barnabas Busa, Chloe Coffin and Laura Dudman all pushed me to develop the channel further. Students across the country are now using my A-Level and GCSE teaching videos, as well as students worldwide, including the US, India and the UAE."