NEW measures to slash harmful air pollution and exhaust fumes in Southampton will launch today.

Environmental chiefs will meet to usher in the development of a new Ultra Low Emission Zone aimed at tackling deadly air pollution.

It comes after a Smogmobile visited the city yesterday as part of a nationwide tour to raise awareness of pollution and promote sustainable transport.

As previously reported the city has been chosen for the roll out of a new low emission zone which will eventually see some diesel vehicles such as lorries charged to drive in city centre.

The city is one of the most polluted in the country and will join Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby when the zones are fully introduced in 2020.

The Smog Mobile - which contains onboard instruments to measure air quality - toured the city during the morning and evening rush hour and also parked up outside WestQuay where shoppers could learn more about tackling pollution.

Its visit also marked the launch of Clean Air Southampton which has been set up to provide a forum for people to voice their concerns about air quality and lobby politicians to invest in greener technology.