Voting is over and it's time for the offical count to begin - but the exit poll for the General Election 2019 is predicting a Conservative majority.

The exit poll suggests 368 seats for the Tories and 191 for Labour. It would be the biggest majority for the Tories since Margaret Thatcher's time.

The exit poll is a survey of thousands of voters in England, Wales and Scotland just after they have cast their ballot The poll is commissioned by BBC News, ITV News and Sky News. The results are released just as voting closes, at 10pm.

The exit poll is not a guarantee of a particular result, but it gives a good indication of how the night might go. However, it's a sample and it's early days - we're at the beginning of a very long night.

It's based on 144 constituencies which are 'demographically representative' of the country.

Exit pollsters base themselves at polling stations in a chosen constituency and ask voters emerging at regular interviews to show how they voted. This is all kept confidential - participants are given another ballot paper, which they fill in exactly as they did at the poll.

The results are then analysed by a team of experts at a secret location in London.

A party needs 326 seats for a majority.

Will Boris Johnson be back in No.10? We're going to find out in the next few hours.