THE election results are in for the New Forest East, and the Tories have secured a comfortable majority.

Julian Lewis received 32,769 votes - up by 607 votes when compared to the election in 2017.

Dr Lewis had held his seat in the New Forest since the boundary changes resulting in the former constituencies of New Forest and Romsey and Waterside were abolished in 1997.

He said: "It is too early in the evening to know whether the exit poll is correct, but if it is correct I think it shows two things.

"It shows an over whelming desire to resolve [Brexit] and it sends a message to the Labour Party because it is important to also have a moderate opposition as well as a moderate governing party. 

"The Labour Party has undoubtedly suffered tonight because it has allowed itself to be captured by a fraction of the left and I hope for the benefit of the country and the democracy that the party will move back more towards the centre although it may make it harder for the Conservatives to win future victories. 

"But that is a matter for the future, for tonight, we are looking good and I am very grateful."

The New Forest East had a turnout of 69 per cent. 

Julie Hope, Labour Party, came second with 7,518 votes - down by 2,649. 

Bob Johnston, Lib Dems, came third with 7,390 votes - down by 270 votes.

Nicola Jolly, Green Party, came fourth with 2,434 votes - up by 1,183 votes. 

Andrew Knight, Animal Welfare Party, came fifth with 675 votes.