A planned Lancaster Bomber flight to mark the Dambusters’ 75th anniversary has been cancelled due to windy conditions.

The flyover will now be conducted by a 29 Sqn Typhoon aircraft on Wednesday after weather conditions, particularly the wind, were considered too dangerous for the BBMF Lancaster, a Battle of Britain Memorial statement said.

The plane was scheduled to fly over RAF Scampton – the original home of the Dambusters’ squadron – as well as the Derwent Dam in Derbyshire’s Peak District, the Rolls Royce Factory in Derby and Eyebrook Reservoir in Leicestershire.

Thousands of spectators are expected to visit the dam to watch the aircraft fly past despite the Lancaster Bomber no longer taking to the skies.

The event will mark 75 years since the Dambusters raid which was formally known as Operation Chastise during the Second World War.

A statement from the Battle of Britain Memorial said: “Knowing many people had made plans to travel to watch the planned Lancaster flight to mark the 75th anniversary of 617 Squadron’s raid on German dams, when it was confirmed that the wind conditions were well beyond the limits the Lancaster is placed under, the Royal Air Force has arranged for a 29 Sqn Typhoon from RAF Coningsby to fly as much of the route as is possible.

“We are so sorry to disappoint those who wished to see our Lancaster fly as once those original 617 Sqn aircraft did, but hope you will enjoy the might and speed of world class, multi-role Typhoon.

“The BBMF Lancaster is one of only two airworthy in the world. In order to preserve her in airworthy condition so that she can continue to commemorate those who gave so much for this country, there are strict limitations on the weather conditions she is allowed to fly in.”