A Level results day is here - and thousands of students across the country will find out their results and plan their next steps for university.

While this year will be different due to the coronavirus pandemic, we've put together everything you need to know.

What time will AS and A Level results be released?

Usually, the exam board will have the results ready from 6am - however, it is up to the individual school or college to determine the pick-up time.

What time will UCAS Track update?

The UCAS Track page is there place where students can find out their application's progress.

In the run-up to results day, the Track page is 'frozen', meaning that changes won't be made during that time.

According to details by Prospects, the Track page will be available at about 8am on August 13.

Once it has been updated, the Track page will become 'frozen' once more, and the page will not change again until 12noon at the earliest.

What will the UCAS Track page show once decisions have been made?

After the decisions have been made by the chosen universities, and they have notified UCAS, students should see one of the following options on their Track page:

  • Unconditional - Your place on the course has been confirmed, whether it's firm or insurance, or both.
  • Unsuccessful - You've not been accepted by your choice or choices, but you can now enter Clearing.
  • Unconditional Changed Course - You haven't met the necessary grades for your offer, but the university have proposed a similar course that meets lower grade boundaries. They could also have offered deferred entry, but you have five days to decide on the opportunity.

What happens if students don't get the grades that they need?

First and foremost, do not panic!

There are plenty of options out there - if students have missed the entry requirement by a slim margin, then they could contact their chosen university to see if there is another way in.

If not, head online and take part in the Clearing process.

What is the UCAS Clearing process?

UCAS' Clearing process helps to match applicants to university places that are still waiting to be filled.

UCAS have stressed that the courses through clearing are not the ones that 'nobody wants' but instead they are "an opportunity for those who have missed their conditions, or had a last minute change of heart about the university or course they want to study."

Who is eligible for clearing - and how long is it open for?

Clearing will run until September 21.

Applicants are eligible if:

  • They applied for university after June 30
  • They are not holding any offers from universities or colleges they've applied to

Their place is not confirmed after exam results are published.

How to add a clearing choice

To add your clearing choice, go to the UCAS Track page.

Those eligible for clearing, should select the 'Next Steps' section which will allow to add a choice.

All applicants need to do is click 'Add Clearing choice', and fill in the course details that you spoke to the university about.

According to UCAS, they state that this counts as the applicants accepting the offer. So once they confirm, this will appear on the 'choices' page on track.

This year - Tuesday October 20, is the final date to add a choice, and for universities to make their final decisions.

What is the UCAS points calculator?

Each of the A level grades translates into a numerical value, and forms part of the UCAS points calculator.

In short, the total number of points applicants manage to achieve in their A levels can be used by some universities and colleges as a way of assigning places.

To use the UCAS points calculator click here.