Tesco have confirmed when they will re-introduce bagless delivery for online orders.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the supermarket chain reintroduced carrier bags for all online orders 'to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues'.

However, Tesco have outlined plans to reinstate the option for bagless deliveries in order to reduce plastic consumption.

How will it work?

The details, posted on Tesco's website, states: "We know how concerned many of you are about plastic – and we’re aware we have an important role to play in reducing plastic consumption.

"So we want to go back to removing plastic carrier bags from our online orders.

"At the checkout, we’ll now be giving you the option to choose whether you’d like to help us reduce our plastic footprint by using your own carrier bags.

"Or whether you’d prefer your shopping packed."

The retailler added: "If you’ve selected to receive your shopping without carrier bags, your groceries will be placed directly into our trays.

"Your delivery driver will place the trays at your doorstep while keeping a 2‐metre distance from you.

"You’ll then be able to unpack your shopping at your doorstep. We recommend having your own bags ready to pack into.

"If you’ve not got these at the door, don’t worry, there’s always time to grab them."

What about items such as raw meat and small loose fruit and vegetables?

The supermarket chain explained: "For certain products, such as packaged raw meat, we’ll still need to use red hygiene bags. You can hand these back to the driver to be recycled.

"Small, loose fruit and vegetables, such as loose apples, will be put into small produce bags and placed directly into the tray. Larger produce, like melons, will be placed directly into the tray without any bag."

When will the bagless delivery option be rolled out nationwide?

Tesco added: "You’ll be able to see this option soon – if you’re not shown it, your shopping will continue to be delivered in carrier bags or tray liners."

No further details were revealed by the supermarket chain as to when the option will be rolled out nationwide. It is expected to happen in the coming weeks.