Virgin Media have released a new essential broadband service for people receiving Universal Credit. 

The essential broadband service aims to help people going through financial difficulty and on Universal Credit.

Offering a reliable and affordable service that is ideal to help people stay connected, online shop and attend virtual job interviews - the broadband costs £15 per month and has a speed of 15Mbps. 

The plan has no fixed-term contract length and no price changes while Universal Credit payments are being received.

How to apply: 

Existing customers can apply for the plan by completing a form on the Virgin Media website. You will later receive an email asking to provide proof of your universal credit status by sending a picture of your online Universal Credit account.

Eligible customers will then receive confirmation that their application has been successful before they are moved onto the plan.

What happens when I stop receiving Universal Credit?

Virgin Media’s Essential broadband operates on a 30 day rolling contract basis.

If a customer stops receiving Universal Credit they will be able to continue taking the essential broadband service at £23 per month or move to another Virgin Media package.

The introduction of this service is the latest initiative from Virgin Media following previous steps designed to help and support vulnerable customers.

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media, said: “The launch of our Essential broadband service is about supporting customers who are experiencing financial difficulty and uncertainty.

"We all know how important connectivity is right now to our day to day lives, so this reliable, hassle-free service will help people to get online and carry out essential activities.

“This is the latest step in a series of industry-leading measures we have introduced for vulnerable customers. This includes providing annual package reviews, more flexible bill management and is on top of action we have taken to keep our customers connected during the pandemic.

“We are committed to supporting our customers and will continue to play our vital role in keeping the country connected in these difficult times.”