Netflix has announced a number of new films and their release dates, including a dark comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Don’t Look Up is directed by Adam McKay and features the two Hollywood stars playing low-level astronomers who try to warn the world about a forthcoming catastrophe.

It will be available to watch on Netflix on Christmas Eve, after a limited theatrical release, according to the streaming giant.

The announcement of Netflix’s new releases also includes The Harder They Fall, a Western starring Jonathan Majors and Idris Elba. We can watch this for the first time on November 3.

Passing, Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut, is about two black women, played by Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga, who can pass as white in 1920s New York. The release date for this one is November 10.

Red Notice, a new action film, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds will be on Netflix from November 12.

Bruised, Halle Berry’s directorial debut, is due to release on November 24.

The Power Of The Dog, written by Dame Jane Campion and starring Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch, will launch on December 1.

A documentary about F1 driver Michael Schumacher will be available to watch on September 15 and Diana: The Musical, described as a ‘landmark musical event,’ about the beloved princess will be released on October 1.