It's finally time to return to the world of our favourite Netflix serial killers.

Season 3 of the highly anticipated series finally dropped on the streaming platform today after an agonising almost two year wait. 

The show, based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel, began filming for its third season at the beginning of 2020 but production was delayed due to the pandemic.

Production of the hit series wrapped in April with Netflix finally releasing its full length trailer in September ahead of the new season.

What happened in season 2 of You?

You'll be forgiven for forgetting some of the finer details of what happened during You's second season. 

Joe and Love don't exactly lead quiet lives after all. 

Last season, we saw Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) change his identity and switch coasts in search of a fresh start away from all the stalking and murdering.

Everything is pointed towards this serial killer changing his spots until he met Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

Joe falls for Love and tries to leave his violent behaviour behind but his new sweetheart has other plans. 

In a shocking twist, Love reveals herself to be just as unhinged and twisted as Joe - making them the perfect imperfect pair.

Love murders Joe's ex and neighbor, Candace and Delilah, and manipulates her brother, Forty, until he's killed by a cop that's looking into the Quinns.

This is when Joe acts sane for the first time in two seasons and tries to run the other way - until Love reveals that she is pregnant. 

We leave the twisted couple married and raising their child and redefining the suburban nightmare.

Everything we know about Season 3 of You

Netflix released the full length trailer of its upcoming season in September. 

The trailer saw Joe attempting to play dad to the best of his ability while dodging his new wife's volatile jealousy.

The show's second series didn't leave us with the classic cliffhanger we were expecting but instead that there would be a new love interest and complication in Joe's life.

It looks like history is doomed to repeat itself with the stalker hat and infamous cage making a reappearance.

Watch the full season 3 trailer below.

When will season 4 be released?

The official Twitter account for the show confirmed that "season 4 is in the (body) bag" earlier this week. 

Netflix confirmed on October 13 that You had been given the green light for a fourth season.

Some fans have speculated that the quick confirmation means that the two seasons were filmed back to back, according to Cosmopolitan.

We still know very little about the fourth series including the release date and what characters will stay alive long enough to be part of it.