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First, we had emojis and now we have Octopus plushies to help us express our emotions.

These adorable little Octopuses have taken Tiktok by storm as a new way for users to communicate what they are feeling.

Originally, these soft toys were made for small children who struggle with their emotions but they have grown into social media's latest hit.

Daily Echo: Octopus plushes are popular on Tiktok with videos and hashtags. Credit: TiktokOctopus plushes are popular on Tiktok with videos and hashtags. Credit: Tiktok

The reversible plushies are designed to show two expressions depending on what the user is feeling.

We can switch from the happy to the sad side as our emotions change.

They have become something of a collector's item and are now available at retailers across the country.

The Octopus plush no longer just appeals to young kids with hashtags about the toys racking up 100s of millions of views on the social media app.

In fact, the hashtag #octopusplush has been viewed 104.3m times on the popular social media app, whilst the hashtag #octopusplushie has been garnered 10.7 million views.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, these little toys are the must-have item on Christmas lists no matter what age you are.

Where to buy a reversible Octopus Plush


Tesco is offering these emotion Octopus soft toys for £10 each. 

These double-sided plushes are available in six variations. 

You can pick them up in the following colour combinations: blue/purple, red/yellow, orange/green, black/grey, purple/light orange and light blue/pink.

The Entertainer

This adorable reversible Octopus plush can be yours for just £7 each.

In The Entertainer's version, the Octopus has multiple coloured tentacles and its face colour changes with its mood. 

This plush is designed with kids in mind to help teach them the difference between their emotions but they are a toy that anyone can enjoy.

Smyths Toys

You can also pick up one of these soft cuddly toys from toy retailer Smyths Toys for just £10 each.

Smyths recommend the toys for sensory play for children and adults since they can be soothing to hold and can help us better understand our feelings.

Pick yours up in a range of colours from blue/pink, purple/orange, red/yellow, grey/back, light blue/pink, dark blue/pink and green/orange.


Wowcher has five different versions of a reversible octopus plush toy.

You can pick between pink/blue, dark blue/light blue, orange/yellow and green/pink.

Or why not take them all if they tentacle your fancy (sorry).

Get yours for just £5 each.