Sainsbury's has issued a statement to customers about Covid practices in stores following the news of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19.

At time of writing the number of positive Omicron cases in the UK stood at 14, with many worried about how prevalent this variant may be.

As of Tuesday, November 30 face coverings are again mandatory in all retail settings. Sainsbury’s will be encouraging this, except for those who are medically exempt.

Throughout this week Sainsbury's will be putting signs and posters in all stores to help remind customers of the new rules.

There will also be greeters and security guards at the entrances of the supermarkets to help colleagues when enforcing the new rules.

The supermarket has ensured it will continue practising Covid-19 safe cleaning. This will include cleaning all trollies, baskets and checkouts.

As an extra precautionary measure to help keep customers and staff even safer, Sainsbury's will be increasing the amount of fresh air circulating stores, keeping them well-ventilated.

Hand sanitiser will also be available at both entrances and exits.