ASK Italian has launched a Spring menu for its customers to tuck in to.

Dishes on the menu include Beef Brisket Pappardelle, Creamy Mushroom and Truffle Calzone and Biscoff Cheesecake plus more.

We reviewed some of the dishes from the Spring menu and we weren’t disappointed - here’s what we thought.

ASK Italian launches Spring menu: A review

Calamari (small) - Starter

Daily Echo: Calamari (Katie Collier)Calamari (Katie Collier)

To start we tried the Calamari and were left wanting more.

It’s available in small or large portions and having eaten it pretty quickly, we’d go for a large portion next time.

The batter was thin and not extremely crispy but tasty nonetheless and the dip…well we’re still thinking about it.


The dip was garlic and lemon mayonnaise but tasted of only garlic to us, we didn’t squeeze the slice of lemon into it so that’s possibly why but our tastebuds very much liked it how it was.

Spinach & Ricotta Girasole - Main

Daily Echo: Spinach & Ricotta Girasole (Katie Collier/Canva)Spinach & Ricotta Girasole (Katie Collier/Canva)

For our main course, we tucked into the Spinach and Ricotta Girasole and would definitely recommend it.

At first we wondered if it was going to be a filling dish as the portion looked quite small on arrival to the table but as we got through it, we realised it was plenty and more filling than we had expected.

The sauce was very cheesy and the dish went down very well.

There was an option to add cheese on top with the staff coming to your table with a grater and block of cheese but the girasole already had a sprinkle so we didn’t add it this time, and it was cheesy enough anyway!

Chocolate Etna - Dessert

Daily Echo: Chocolate Etna (Katie Collier/Canva)Chocolate Etna (Katie Collier/Canva)

We couldn’t resist a pudding and the Chocolate Etna was one that stood out.

It’s a chocolate cake that comes with vanilla gelato that’s encased in a dark chocolate dome and the waitress poured hot toffee sauce on top and we watched it melt.

It was taking its time to melt so we decided to help it along a bit by breaking into the chocolate with our spoon, we couldn’t resist.

For those of us that have a sweet tooth, this is the ideal dessert.

Daily Echo:

It was chocolatey but not too rich and we’d definitely order it again.

Overall, the meal was delicious and the menu had plenty to choose from.

There’s a variety of dishes including pasta, risotto and pizza so we think there’s something for everyone.

We recommend a visit to your local ASK Italian restaurant to give it a try for yourself.