The Uk's cybersecurity agency, the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) has been working on a new tool which could help block access to scam websites instantly 

It said the tool will be made available to all UK internet service providers so they can block websites that are flagged as fraudulent.

The new data-sharing capability will use real-time threat data gathered from across the industry to spot and flag scam websites to internet providers, who can then cut off access to such sites at scale.

It would complement existing takedown services, the NCSC said of the tool, which it revealed on Tuesday had removed more than 2.7 million scams from the internet last year.

Daily Echo: Internet service providers will be able to use the new tool (PA)Internet service providers will be able to use the new tool (PA)

Speaking at the NCSC’s annual CyberUK conference, Sarah Lyons, the body’s deputy director for economy and society, said: “Cyber criminals continuously seek to deploy devious methods to trick us into sharing personal or financial details and it’s vital we stay ahead of them.

“This landmark partnership with internet service providers means that scams can be blocked from ever reaching our screens and reinforces the UK’s armour in protecting the public from online harms.”

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The announcement comes as leading cybersecurity figures said the UK must take a “whole of society approach” to the issue of online protection.

NCSC chief executive Lindy Cameron said the UK must “mobilise every individual to stand up for the collective safety of our community”.

“We need to give them the tools, the knowledge, the confidence to make good choices and to make that habitual for everyone,” she said.