Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee are fan favourites and were greatly missed from last week's episode. 

Fan's were curious as to why the pair were missing and even more so when Jenny missed the TV baftas in the week. 

But during the week Lee let viewers of the show know why the pair were missing. 

As Jenny was undergoing an operation that she had been on the waiting list for two years which happened to take place during Bafta's week. 

Later telling his fellows on Twitter: "Just on update on Jenny, yes she has had an operation but it's been on the waiting list for two years and it came during BAFTA week. 

"I'm totally gutted that she couldn't be by my side last night and she was as well. But she's doing well, and she's out this week."

Will Jenny and Lee be on tonight's Gogglebox? 

Since sharing the news of Jenny's operation the pair haven't revealed any more updates. 

But we do know that the show is filmed during the week so its unlikely that the lovable couple will be back this week, but fingers crossed they might make their return next week.

Followers of the pair shared their support saying: "Aww so good to hear Jenny is doing well, send her our love, Huge Congratulations on a well deserved win for everyone at Gogglebox, you are just fantastic xx"

And another said: "Lee. Congratulations on receiving your BAFTA for Channel 4 Googlebox. Wonderful news about Jenny’s recovery, glad Jenny is going to be back home soon. Lots Of Love To You Both."

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