Hasbro has revealed the token which will be returning to the popular family board game MONOPOLY.

From April this year, fans of the board game were given an opportunity to cast their vote on which token they thought should be taken away from the game and which should return.

A refreshed version of MONOPOLY will hit shelves in Spring 2023 and this is where we’ll see the winning token be reintroduced to the game.

MONOPOLY’s Throwback Token Vote results

Voting began on April 28, 2022 and after three weeks of voting, Hasbro has announced that the token returning to the game will be the Thimble while the T-Rex will become extinct after receiving the most votes to leave the game.

Daily Echo: The T-Rex token will be retired (Hasbro)The T-Rex token will be retired (Hasbro)

The T-Rex token can still be found in MONOPOLY boxes but will no longer be available from next summer.


The Thimble proved to be popular from the start and scored 30% of the vote in the end while the T-Rex gained the most votes (30%) to leave.

Daily Echo: The Thimble token is returning (Hasbro)The Thimble token is returning (Hasbro)

New MONOPOLY board game coming to shelves in Spring 2023

The new version of the popular game will be available to buy globally in Spring 2023.

It will see the following tokens be included: Thimble, Scottie, Battleship, Racecar, Top Hat, Penguin, Hazel and Rubber Ducky.