The BBC is adapting Enid Blyton’s book series The Famous Five and filming for the series has begun.

The show has been created for the broadcaster by Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed 2011’s Drive starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, and Peaky Blinders producer Matthew Read.

It is being shot across the south west of the UK and The Famous Five will follow five young adventurers who are exploring the world around them in an Odyssey-style story.

Daily Echo: Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is one of the creators of the showDanish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is one of the creators of the show (Image: Ian West/PA)

The Famous Five book series to be adapted to BBC series

Refn, also an executive producer of the series who worked with Read on Valhalla Rising, said: “All my life I’ve fought vigorously to remain a child with a lust for adventure.

“By reimagining The Famous Five, I am preserving that notion by bringing these iconic stories to life for a progressive new audience, instilling the undefinable allure and enchantment of childhood for current and future generations to come.”

The series will be created by producers Moonage Pictures and have three episodes, all lasting 90 minutes, and it will be shown on the BBC in the UK and TF1 in France.

Episode one of the series has been written by Read, episode two by Priya K Dosanjh and episode three has been written by Being Human producer Matthew Bouch and Read.

Patricia Hidalgo, director of BBC children’s and education, said that the series will introduce the books to a new generation of children.

She said: “Bringing these books to life with a new reimagining of The Famous Five is a real treat for BBC audiences and a celebration of British heritage.

“These stories are loved around the world and bringing families together is a key part of our strategy so we hope it introduces a new generation of viewers to these wonderful adventures.”

Co-founder of Moonage Pictures, Will Gould, said the series will have “adventure at its heart”.

He added: “Moonage Pictures was created to provide the right creative environment to explore ideas without limitation and this provides us with exactly that opportunity… This Famous Five will be a modern, timely and irreverent action series.”

Previous TV adaptations of The Famous Five books include ITV and Disney cartoon series

Blyton, also behind The Secret Seven, wrote 21 installations of The Famous Five and her first-ever book, Five On A Treasure Island, was published in 1942.

Over the years, there have been numerous interpretations of The Famous Five, including continuation novels written by French author Claude Voilier.

TV adaptations of the books have included a previous ITV series, which came out in 1978, a CITV series that was launched in the 1990s and a 2000s Disney cartoon series, Famous 5 On The Case.

In recent years, spoof versions of the Famous Five have been sold across high street stores in the UK that explore satirical themes to do with politics and culture.