Cumbria's Grace Dent quit ITV's I'm a Celebrity for medical reasons amid growing concerns for the food critic.

On Friday, the MasterChef star was up for her first trial and seemed to be defeated from the off.

However, the Carlisle-born food critic impressed and eventually edged out opponent Nella Rose.

The aftermath drew comparisons to the infamous time a cockroach got stuck up Fatima Whitbread's nose.

“There’s one in my ear! There’s one in my ear! That’s not nice, I can hear it,” Grace shouted. The bug was later flushed her from ear by a medic and removed.

Dent told campmate Josie Gibson last week that she “had enough”. Adding: “I’ve completely had enough. I just want to go home."

"I haven’t got a lot left in me at the moment. I’m just keeping on a face for everybody,” she said to Gibson in the Bush Telegraph.

Dent had been due to face the next trial, named Down The Tubes, with Gibson, but after receiving the news about the trial, she looked visibly shaken and remained silent. The star, who has also noticeably lost weight in the week since the show started, was then consoled by her campmates.

ITV then confirmed Grace was leaving the show, posting on X, formerly Twitter: "Unfortunately Grace Dent has left the show on medical grounds. She has been a great campmate and will be missed by her fellow celebrities and viewers alike. #ImACeleb".

Kicking off the show tonight, Ant started off by saying "She's all doing fine". 

Who is Grace Dent?

Ahead of her I’m A Celebrity stint, Grace revealed she agreed to being on the show after facing a “really difficult time over the last four or five year.”

She told ITV: “My dad had dementia, I cared for him and I lost him. Mum had cancer and I lost her. I think that this has made me very strong and resilient.

“This is going to be a big challenge and now I am older, life is for living and it’s one of the reasons why I said yes,” she said.

Dent will now be travelling back to London from Brisbane Airport. A source close to Dent confirmed to The Mirror: "She is heading back to London today. She is tired and she just wants to get home."