"Where do you go next?"

Isle of Wight Festival founder John Giddings is keeping his options open after reviving the event in 2002.

He has spent 15 years at the helm of one of the country's biggest music festivals, the 64-year-old is considering his future carefully after more than 60,000 people flocked to see the likes of Rod Stewart and Arcade Fire perform.

Mr Giddings told the Daily Echo: "I don't know what the answer is regarding the future at music festivals.

"We're not creating new headliners as we've had big names like the Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney twice.

"The way the music business is now, many people just download a song and not an album so festivals aren't making a new Dark Side of the Moon or Tommy."

Mr Giddings also highlighted the importance of booking acts from the past, present and future.

He added: " I like my festival to have a combination of acts where you can have a Rod Stewart or Zara Larsson in the top because what I want people to do is move around and have a good time and enjoy the experience."

John insisted the festival's success, which seen a surge in attendance from 5,000 people in 2002 to more than 58,000 this year was down to three things.

He said: "A, it's an Iconic Image, b, it's on an island that like a holiday destination that you can only get to by boat, and c, it has a good microclimate because it's only rained 5 out of 80 total days we've held the festival."

The event is scheduled to return in June next year.