WINCESTER Labour was out and about in the city centre on Saturday morning, raising awareness about child poverty and collecting the views of the public with a "ball in the box" poll.

With 3.9 million children now living in poverty, two thirds of whom are in working households, it's not surprising that this issue affects people in Winchester too, with the city the third most expensive place to live after London and Oxford.

The poll conducted in Middle Brook Street put housing at the top of the list of concerns for locals. Affordable housing for the younger generation was one issue. There were also tales of hardship, including damp living conditions impacting on health and long waits for council housing.

Janet Berry, former Labour councillor, said: "It's when you stop and talk to people about their situations that you realise the impact of poverty in Winchester. We met one young couple who have been told they may have a three-year wait for a council flat before they can settle down and bring up their baby together as a family".

Labour will continue to campaign on this and other issues in the lead up to the County Council elections in May.