ONCE again this dysfunctional, useless, incompetent government roll out Dave Davis (lazy, “who needs to be intelligent?”) and Gove to “sell” Brexit, except of course, no one is any wiser – our farmers, our businesses, Europe or the long-suffering, lied-to and misinformed British public.

Twenty months on, the promised Brexit “utopia” is as vague as ever, still lots of empty puff, but Davies says it won’t be like “Mad Max”. Sorry, that remark is about as stupid as “Red, White and Blue Brexit” or “Brexit MEANS Brexit”.

I’ve never voted or supported the Tories (who have mostly always been on the wrong side of history), but I did at least have some respect for them as a competent political machine, with – in their time – some clever minds and sensible ministers.

Not any more!

This has to be most idiotic, empty-headed, incompetent government of any stripe that I can remember in 50 years of being a voter.

Back-stabber, slimy Gove; bumbling buffoon Boris; lazy and useless Davies; equally useless Fox; dithering Mrs May (who obviously occupies a parallel universe to the real one we inhabit); plus the awful Brexit-supporting crowd of backbenchers in the safe Tory seats – political cabbages, again living in nostalgia-land, not one of whom cares an iota about ordinary people, or the national interest.

Rich, greedy, not very intelligent, interested only privatising the NHS and destroying decades of hard-won workers’ rights and environmental protection under the evil guise of Brexit.

Don’t be fooled. Brexit is a empty sham, like the Emperor’s New Clothes. That’s why the promised “utopia” is so vague, and why – like my so-called MP Royston Smith – they are unable or unwilling to properly argue the Brexit case and how it will affect people, and Southampton in particular!

I want MY country back.

Garth Groombridge