List of candidates standing in the upcoming local elections in Winchester

* marks incumbent candidate

Alresford and Itchen Valley

(current councillor Kim Gottlieb (Liberal Democrat) not standing in ward)

l Karl Eslie Borges, Green Party;

l Russell Digby Gordon-Smith, Liberal Democrats;

l Annie Saunders, The Conservative Party;

l Ian Duncan Wight, Labour Party.

Badger Farm and Oliver’s Battery

l Neil Adrian Dolby, Labour Party;

l Max Priesemann, Green Party;

l Janet Anne Warwick, The Conservative Party*;

l Hannah Elisabeth Williams, Liberal Democrats.

Bishop’s Waltham

l Sarah Felicity Gooding, Green Party;

l Steve Haines, Labour Party;

l David Charles Leon McLean, The Conservative Party*;

l Jonathan Williams, Liberal Democrats.

Central Meon Valley

l Sheila Mary Campbell, Liberal Democrats;

l Christopher Moore Harpum, Labour Party;

l Mik Norman, Green Party;

l Vicki Weston, The Conservative Party*.

Colden Common and Twyford (current councillor Richard Izard (Liberal Democrat) not standing in ward)

l Tony Melvin Bronk, Liberal Democrats;

l Paul James Brown, Labour Party;

l Lucinda Sarah Graham, Green Party;

l Andy Kam Hung Lai, The Conservative Party.

Denmead (current councillor Patricia Stallard (Conservative) not standing in ward)

l Judy Clementson, The Conservative Party;

l Jude Godwin, Liberal Democrats;

l Robert Parker, Green Party;

l David John Henry Picton-Jones, Labour Party.

Southwick and Wickham

l Therese Evans, Liberal Democrats*;

l Loraine Constance Rappe The Conservative Party;

l Paul Thomas Sony, Labour Party.

St Barnabas

l Eileen Mary Berry, The Conservative Party*;

l Mike Craske, Liberal Democrats;

l Adrian John Paul, Labour Party;

l Mike Perrott, Green Party.

St Bartholomew

l Andrew Timothy Adams, Labour Party;

l Rose Burns, The Conservative Party*;

l Paula Wendy Ferguson, Liberal Democrats;

l Teresa Skelton, The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party;

l Dave Walker-Nix, Green Party;

St Luke

l Patrick Davies, Labour Party;

l Giles Richard Gooding, Green Party;

l Derek Robert Green, Liberal Democrats*;

l Ian Donald Tait, The Conservative Party.

St Michael

l Guy Julian Claude Ashton, The Conservative Party*;

l Gavin Mark Ellis, Labour Party;

l Kim Alexander Gottlieb, Liberal Democrats;

l Julia Ellen Hallmann, Green Party

St Paul

l Karen Barratt, Labour Party;

l David Simons, The Conservative Party;

l Martin Paul Niebuhr Tod, Liberal Democrats*;

Andrew Karl Wainwright, Green Party.

The Worthys

l Signe Biddle, The Conservative Party;

l Charlotte Elizabeth Harley, Green Party;

l Jane Rutter, Liberal Democrats*;

l Tessa Susan Valentine, Labour Party.

Upper Meon Valley

l June Elizabeth Kershaw, Labour Party;

l Hugh Michael Rawson Lumby, The Conservative Party*;

l Lewis North, Liberal Democrats.

Whiteley and Shedfield

l Jonathan Andrew Fern, Liberal Democrats;

l Roger Charles Huxstep, The Conservative Party*;

l Alison Louise Ridley, Labour Party.

Wonston and Micheldever

l Ian Gordon, Liberal Democrats;

l Caroline Horrill, The Conservative Party*;

l Jude Frederick Killbery Wilkinson, Labour Party.

Party/ number of candidates/ number of wards under party’s control

l The Conservative Party/ 16/ 10;

l Liberal Democrats/ 16/ 6;

l Labour Party/ 16/ 0;

l Green Party/ 12/ 0;

l The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party/ 1/ 0