Here is a list of all the people standing in the upcoming local elections being held in Southampton:

Bargate Ward

Joe Cox, Green Party

Matt Magee, Local Conservatives

John Noon, Labour Party

Joshua Jason Coleman Smith, Liberal Democrat

Bassett Ward

Richard Blackman, Liberal Democrat

Les Harris, Conservative Party

John Dean Leaver, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Bethany Norman, Green Party

Simon Osler, Labour Party

Bevois Ward

Vijay Chopra, Liberal Democrat

Ron Meldrum, Green Party

Gloria Munetsi, Local Conservatives

Jacqui Rayment, Labour Party

Bitterne Ward

Jenny Barnes, Green Party

Andy Frampton, Labour Party

Kevin Alan Masters, UKIP

Elliot David Prior, Local Conservatives

Olivia Caitlin Reed, Liberal Democrat

Bitterne Park Ward

Lindsi Bluemel, Green Party

David John Fuller, Local Conservatives

Carol Juliet Lloyd, Liberal Democrat

Simon James Oldham, Labour and Cooperative Party

Coxford Ward

Sue Atkins, Socialist Alternative – Putting People First

Sam Philip Chapman, Liberal Democrat

Diana June Galton, Local Conservatives

Barrie Margetts, Labour Party

Cara Anne Sandys, Green Party

Freemantle Ward

Andrew Thomas Beal, Liberal Democrat

Vikkie Cheng, Local Conservatives

John Charles Thomas Spottiswoode, Green Party

Vivienne Windle, Labour Party

Harefield Ward

Chris Bluemel, Green Party

John Robert Charles Dennis, Liberal Democrat

Dan Fitzhenry, Local Conservatives

Alan Lloyd, Labour and Cooperative Party

Peter Alexander Virgo, Integrity Southampton

Millbrook Ward

Jonathan Simon Bean, Green Party

Maggie Fricker, Socialist Alternative – Putting People First

David Furnell, Labour Party

Graham Reginald Galton, Local Conservatives

Samuel David, Harris, Liberal Democrat

Peartree Ward

Alex Houghton, Local Conservatives

Jackie Landman, Labour Party

Robert William Naish, Liberal Democrat

Rosanna Newey, Green Party

Kim Rose, UKIP

Portswood Ward

Katherine Jane Barbour, Green Party

James Victor Burgess, Local Conservatives

Nick Chaffey, Socialist Alternative – Putting People First

Gordon Cooper, Labour Party

James Arnold Read, Liberal Democrat

Redbridge Ward

Richard John Lyons, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Richard Arthur Palmer, Local Conservatives

Sally Victoria Spicer, Labour Party

Simon David Stokes, Liberal Democrat

Shirley Ward

Alex Clifton-Melhuish, Liberal Democrat

Andrew Hetherton, Local Conservatives

Pearline Hingston, UKIP

Satvir Kaur, Labour Party

Lucy Michelle Mundell, Green Party

Sholing Ward

Eileen Margaret Bowers, Liberal Democrat

Declan Peter Clune, Socialist Alternative – Putting People First

Pat Evemy, Labour Party

Sarah Marie Vaughan, Local Conservatives

Swaythling Ward

Matt Bunday, Labour Party

Angela Mary Cotton, Green Party

Alan John Kebbell, UKIP

Spiros Vassiliou, The Conservative Party Candidate

Sarah Louise Wood, Liberal Democrat

Woolston Ward

Colin Anthony Bleach, Liberal Democrat

Clive George Hillman, Green Party

Derek Lascelles Humber, UKIP

Josh Payne, Local Conservatives

Warwick Alexander Payne, Labour Party