LABOUR candidate John O'Farrell admitted he has a lot to learn about Eastleigh if he is to represent them in Parliament.

Comedy writer John O'Farrell said he should not be judged on the fact he wasn't local and the only thing that should matter to the electorate was that he was in touch with their concerns and represented Labour.

The author said local knowledge like the names of roads and wards in the borough, was not the key to winning the election, and pointed out that Prime Minister David Cameron was not from his Witney constituency.


''There are things I have to learn quickly but the same principles apply. Those key principals don't change, locations do," he said.

He added his background in championing better schools and national issues of tax, housing and jobs would be the key campaign areas in the battle for Eastleigh.

However, he said he did not plan to make the borough his permenant home should be win the election but instead commute from his London home.

He said: "I know it is not a fashionable thing to say but I think it is an honourable job, and we should give MPs more respect."

 Mr O'Farrell, who has appeared on Have I Got News For You, said:  ''I'm a special offer, I'm a money back guarantee. I'm a two-year trial Labour MP, if you don't like me then you can vote me out.''