Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Thornton has lived in Bishopstoke for 19 years.

The 60-year-old served as an Eastleigh Borough Councillor since 2007 and a Bishopstoke Parish Councillor since 2008.

He and his family members of our local church and both play an active role in our community.


Business and development manager he is married to wife Peta who works in a local school.

They have a daughter, Philippa, who is training to be a doctor.

“What people want is someone who knows the area. There is a tremendous local community feeling here which I think is unmatched,” said Mr Thornton.

|He has the job of The defending a seat for the Lib Dems after it was made vacant following the resignation of former Cabinet member Chris Huhne’s after he confessed to perverting the course of justice over a speeding offence.

Success will be crucial because it is a key Liberal Democrat stronghold, with a massive majority in the borough council and a seat in parliament since the early 1994.

Among his key issues are campaigning against the plan for gravel extraction in Hampshire and to fight to protect local libraries.