A MOTORCYCLIST faces paying out thousands after hitting speeds of 110mph on his bike.

Darren King was found guilty at Southampton Magistrates' Court of exceeding the 70mph speed limit on the M27, between Portsmouth and Hedge End on March 7 while driving his Yamaha R1 motorbike.

During the trial, King also faced charges of refusing to stop when directed to by a constable when asked to between Junction 8 and 7 of the motorway.

A further charge of failing to comply with the correct font and spacing on his license plate was also found against King.

Initially the 29 year old pleaded not guilty at a hearing on May 25, but was found guilty on September 11.

King, of Forster Road, Southampton, was fined £1,540. He was also ordered to pay £620 costs and £144 victim surcharge.

King's license was also endorsed with six points.