AN ENTERTAINER caught performing a sex act on himself in a train carriage with children has avoided jail.

Wesley Mustapha, who performs under the stage name Wezley Sebastian, was arrested by police at Southampton Central Railway Station after travellers spotted him touching himself on a busy Sunday morning train.

The stage performer had spent a "heavy night drinking" before he boarded the train, which was destined for his hometown of Portsmouth.

Shocked onlookers urged Mustapha to stop, because children as young as 10 were in the same carriage.

Mustapha pleaded not guilty to exposure, but was found guilty in absence when Southampton Magistrates' Court heard his case last month.

Mitigating, Andrew Coley told the court that Mustapha had been under the influence of alcohol as he carried out his "inappropriate behaviour".

Mr Coley said: "He was found with his trousers down. He had no recollection of this and was seen by someone on the train who assumed he was sleeping."

Mustapha, 37, also pleaded to be in possession of cannabis when he was arrested by officers on January 29.

The court heard that as a result of his actions, Mustapha had lost a contract with a Birmingham theatre company after he explained the situation.

Mustapha previously enjoyed a varied career within the theatre an actor, director and choreographer.

He starred as Miss Understanding in Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert Read as well as a cast member of the West End production of Hairspray.

At his trial, which Mustapha did not attend, the court heard that he told officers when arrested: "I do what I want with my body. I understand my actions may upset people. But I am very liberal."

Witness Shane Dartmoor, a bartender, said that he saw the defendant had his trousers around his knees.

He said: “He didn’t really seem to see what he was doing as wrong.

“All I thought about was the other women and children in the carriage.”

Mr Dartmoor added: "It was disgusting."

Mustapha, of Old School Drive, Hayling Island, was give an 18 month community order and will carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

As part of the sexual offences act, Mustapha will also need to advise police of any changes to his circumstances for the next five years.

He was ordered to pay £620 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.