THE closure of the A35 on Saturday, November 4 at 8pm has been one almighty blunder by the highways agency and Southampton council.

I wish that Jacqui Rayment, Southampton councillor for transport, and members of the highways agency could have been at the Redbridge Roundabout to see for themselves what an absolute disgrace the closure was, not only for local residents but for those people trying to get home to Totton, Hythe and all points west of Redbridge.

There were no proper road signs telling drivers that the M271 was the correct route away from Redbridge to get back to Totton and all points west, and not to use Gover Road and Test lane as a detour.

Due to the fact that the future closures are going to take place between now and Christmas, one hopes that Southampton council and the highways agency get their act together so that we do not get a repeat performance during the next closures.

Roy Sanders