A SOUTHAMPTON woman is ramping up her road safety campaign for safer streets across the city.

Christine Maros previously complained of dangerous traffic speeding through the Flowers Estate in Swaythling.

But now, the 52-year-old of Carnation Road is calling for the speed limit in “highly residential areas” of the city to be dropped to 20mph.

The finance director and mum of four plans to launch a petition to the council.

A resident of the Flowers Estate since she was 17 years old, she has described the situation in the area as getting worse.

She branded Lobelia Road as “absolutely deadly” and warned it is only a matter of time before a fatal accident happens.

Other residents also vented their frustration at commuters using the road as a “rat run” between Basset Green Road and Burgess Road.

Christine has recently been in talks with Swaythling Labour councillor, Lorna Fielker.

They have been discussing the petition, which will cover the whole city “to maximise the impact” and because speeding is “a big problem all over”.

Cllr Fielker said: “Christine is really keen to highlight the problem with road safety in residential areas across the city not just here in Swaythling.

"Cars whizz down residential streets with no concern for the residents who live there. 30mph is just too fast for most residential streets which have a high concentration of cars parked on them, which adds to the difficulty of crossing safely.

"I’ve advised Christine that if she is able to get 1,500 signatures on her petition it will come to a full council meeting to be debated and the council will provide a response to what action it may take.

"Petitions are a really good way for residents to be part of our city’s democracy by highlighting issues that are important which they don’t feel the council is addressing.”

As previously reported, roads across Southampton have been earmarked for possible engineering work as part of a road safety scheme.

An investigation is due to be launched in October, looking at routes where there have been accidents that caused an injury to be given priority, according to the city council.

Locations for review include Lobelia Road and Honeysuckle Road, Lodge Road at its junction with Bevois Hill junction, and Winchester Road at its junction at Hill Lane.