PORT Out, Starboard Home – or POSH– is not just a nautical saying for residents of Southampton, but also the name of one of the city’s most popular former restaurants.

POSH was located on the corner of Queensway and Briton Street.

Essentially it was an Indian restaurant but, as the name suggested, it was very different to the average curry house.

POSH offered a selection of dishes from India designed to reflect the multitude of different nationalities which have settled there and contributed to its cuisine.

Daily Echo:

On the evening of June 12, 2001, diners attended an evening at the venue to help raise money for Marwell Zoo.

As well as food, nimble-footed guests enjoyed dancing while big spenders saved their energy for the auction.Daily Echo:

Guests included celebrity naturalist Chris Packham.

These pictures were taken by an Echo photographer that night.