Official accounts released today reveal that Saints’ highest paid director earned more than £1.5m last year.

The only named director for the company in question is Nicola Cortese.

Though the majority of the figures have long since been revealed, showing losses in the Championship which have now been more than compensated for by promotion to the Premier League, some of the finer detail has today been disclosed via the full accounts.

DMWSL 613 Ltd, the parent company of Southampton Football Club and various other related subsidiaries, paid its highest paid director emoluments totalling £1,575,637 for the year that was effectively last season’s Championship campaign.

That is almost double the previous year’s total of £789,489.

Southampton Football Club Limited rewarded its highest paid director emoluments of £309,416. That is up significantly from £99,501 the previous year.

Working on the assumption that Nicola Cortese is excluded as his salary is in the parent company, it means it was most likely paid to executive director Les Reed.

The only other possibles are the remaining two directors of the company who are finance officer Gareth Rogers and operations director Brendan McGlinchey.